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Hi My Name is Dennis Gooch  and this is my car a 1937 Graham Crusader Model 85 . I have owned this car for  49 years . 12 of these cars were imported  “CKD”  in to New Zealand  by Wright Stevensons   this particular  came from Gore  New Zealand  and the first owner was Robert Roy  of Gore.  When I bought the car it was being dismantled  I saved it from that fate  and rebuilt it. now it’s part of the family..  6 Graham Crusader Model 85 ‘s  are still running today in New Zealand .


William L. Graham's 1929 GB Truck

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Here are the photos showing my Graham Truck before and after restoration.  It is out of Colorado, and was severely deteriorated and was beyond restoration due to none availability of parts. It was customized into a street rod using Dodge Power wagon, Impala station wagon, Dodge station wagon, Mitsubishi brake system, Chevrolet engine and transmission, Ford rear end, and Jeep wheels; but I like it. The seat frame and chassis are original as is all the metal work. I also have the original title and license plate from 1927.

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Many of the club members will know the Butters family from Cobourg, Ontario, Canada. 

They hosted the 2012 GOCI Meet and Michael is well known for his casting business of Graham & Graham-Paige parts.

Attached please find a couple quick snaps from Michael & Courtney Butters wedding day, this past Saturday, July 23rd.

It should be noted it was hovering around 35 degrees C at the time, with humidity at nearly 80%!

Mike owns the 1928 Graham-Paige 619 Griswold Tudor Phaeton (previously owned by Graeme Page) as well as the 1937 120 SC Sedan (gold), which was his late grandfather and former member, Walter Duncan's car.

Neil Butters owns the 1937 116 SC Sedan (purple) as well as the 1913 Ford Model T Touring.

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George Kyman's 1929 GP 615 Custom Cabriolet



The Graham Limo in the Vatican Carriage Museum


I got shivers up my spine when I saw the car, it has been beautifully maintained and there is an interesting anecdote next to it. I was reminded of how hard I must work in order to leave an important mark on the world, just as Robert, Ray, and Joseph did. 

Graham C. Dick

College of Charleston 2017

Finance / Real Estate


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Phil Tessier’s 1937  116 Supercharger four door Sedan:

When I found my 1937 it already had all of the drive train removed and had been sitting outside for decades. It was just a shell with rust thru on all of the sheet metal (all doors, fenders, lights and door jams had to have new metal fabricated) The cowl vent was removed and I added a ribbed fade away patch to match the hood ribs. New running boards were fabricated and I made the rubber mats. The roof now has a ribbed 1964 Nova Station Wagon panel welded in. Rear fenders are welded to the body. The three piece hood is now a one piece that opens from either side.

It now has a 350 C.I. Chevy engine with a B & M Supercharger, Mustang Two front end, 700R4 tranny and a 9” Ford rear end. It has Air Ride suspension, Cadillac El Dorado 8 way power seats, tilt steering, air conditioning (front & rear) and power windows that use the original window handles. Outside handles and hinges were removed and bear claw latches installed. I changed the rear doors to suicide opening.

This was all built at home, I did the fabricating, welding, bodywork even mixing the paint myself. My friend Rick Unfried helped with all of the wiring, which was a major task in itself.

We attended the Ca. Graham Owners meet in Visalia last year and have close to 10,000 miles on it in the last 4 years


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1924 Paige

My name is Agneta Skafvenhjelm and I am living in the south of Sweden. After the death of my parents I found this picture and I would very much like to know if this car is a Graham Paige. I think it looks as if it is a convertible. I think this photo is from around 1924, because my mother (Siv Lindgren) is sitting behind the steering wheel and she was born in 1918. In the inventory after my maternal grandfather (Bror Lindgren), from 1932, there is a car “Paige” worth SEK 600:- (USD 70:-). The picture is taken in Vallby, where they were living, but the car must have been bought in Ystad or perhaps in Malmö, Sweden. I had never heard about the manufacturer Paige or Graham Paige and nor has my husband and so we found this fantastic home page (Thank you for this!) with lots of pictures and stories. Now we are even thinking of buying one to restore…..

 Best regards


Graham-Paige Pickup Truck

Here are some pictures from my restoration of what was a Graham std six 4 door. The car was totally disassembled  rusty and the woodwork  in a mess. To make the restoration a little easier a decided to build it as a pickup. It took me 2,5 years to complete the job, and here is the result.

Claes Mattsson

Edsbyn Sweden

Thought you guys might like to see some more pictures of Graham Blue Streaks. That two green ones belong to my dad and I the two black ones to the late Alvin Silva. This is at a car show in Newman California. Alvin was a jokester and he glued quarters to the sidewalk. We all laughed and miss him very much 



Mark Forgnone 


Richard Raczuk's 1941 Graham Hollywood.


Peter Jillings' 1935 Graham Standard Six Model 68 RHD

This 1935 Graham car came from South Africa.

It was may Dads wedding car 5th May 1945, He paid £45 for it in Durban. 

I assume it came from USA assembled in right hand drive.

Submitted by Peter Jillings

Earl Chrysler's 1939 Sharknose.





Graham Hollywood

Submitted by Richard Raczuk


These are from Bodie, Ca. a small abandoned mining town that is owned by the Parks Dept.

Submitted by Clark Jones


1928 Graham-Paige Model 610 Business Coupe

Picture submitted by Michael Adams. The lady was Grace Adams and her son Marion Adams. 

The picture was taken in Fontenelle, Iowa.


Roger Pierce's 1936 Graham Supercharger 4dr sedan

The car is a 1936 Graham Supercharger 4dr sedan and I purchased it at a small car show in Marlette MI. It was restored by somebody from Port Huron Michigan and he passed away. The people that I purchased it from heard of his passing and they bought his whole collection. They were interested in his model T fords and his Hupmobiles. The Graham was under a cover and they didn't see it until after the purchase. They kept it for about 8 years and decided to sell it because they had only shown it about 3 times and were interested in buying another Hupmobile. When I bought it,  it ran fairly well but smoked quite a bit. the electrical system needed a little work to get the lights and horn working again but other than that this is the way it was when I got it.

Dick Raczuk's 

1941 Graham Hollywood
   Originally purchased in San Bernadino  Calif.
Running gear  modified 82 Corvette and MustangII
engine  98 Cad Northstar, twin turboed
700r transmission
Special green mix for color
Hand crafted grille, bumpers window frame engine parts



My grandfather , James M McLean of Sydney ,Nova Scotia was the proud owner of two Graham Paige (Paige) cars.  I was recently showing my father ,Douglas McLean, (90) this web site and he asked me to send these  family photos to your site . He is not certain of the year of the car, possibly 1927-29 , but these photos are of the first car he owned. James M Mclean was the regional manager for Great West Life Insurance Co and the first photo was taken at a Great West Life convention held at St Andrews -By the-Sea, New Brunswich. My grandmother Ethel McLean is standing between the two gentlemen and James is in the driver's seat. The second photo was taken in 1936 , at a cabin in North River ,Cape Breton , NS. My father, his sister and cousins are on the porch. Douglas recalls the luggage was stored in the rack at the side door, and with the dirt roads at the time, the suitcases were very dusty at the journey's end.
If anyone might be able to identify the year or model number of this car, I would be interested in this information.
Nancy McLean




1934 Bluestreak Graham model 68 owned by Bruce and Susan Dittmar of

Corpus Christi Texas

1929 Graham-Paige Le Baron phaeton presented by Evergreen Historic Automobiles at the Glenmoor Gathering in Canton, Ohio. The car is supercharged and has an aluminum body.

Submitted by John Webster


Grahams at the St John's Concours


I took this picture at the St Johns Concours and thought you might
want to post it on the site.




1935 Graham seen at an air show in the town of Pardubice (Pardubice airport). Czech republic

Jaroslav "Jerry" Matoulek

Hi Mate, I saw that someone put photos of my car to your website. No worry about I just want post new one because I do renovation year by year. In this time I work on interior of car. Graham was imported to Czech Republic in1937 before WWII. I have lot documents about and photos from renovation. I bought car from my friend who start renovation from beginning because car was in poor condition completely destroyed. So have look a photos from last year. I do reenacting of U.S. Army WWII here with my car. 

All the Best Pavel Bergmann

Graham Paige 1928 Rió Cuarto Córdoba Argentina


Dan Kiley's 1929 Graham Paige model 612



I came across your Graham site and thought you might be interested in our pics. The truck was stored in a barn for decades and as a result didn't take a lot of restoration work. We've not been able to find many of these trucks around. It has been in the family for many decades. My father did all the work himself and was very proud of the final result. The parts are all original and it runs very well. The truck is stored in West Kelowna, BC Canada

Nick McCabe's 1929 Graham-Paige



This is a late 1927 or 1928 Graham Brothers Truck, probably built after Chrysler purchased Dodge and Graham Brothers Trucks, still it is truly of Graham Brothers design.   It did not actually belong to the California Highway Patrol ( State Troopers ).  It was owned by The Auto Club of Southern California ( auto insurance ) as a service to help motorists who broke down. I believe they have evolved into AAA.    Milton.



Mike Carpenter's 1930 Graham Special 822 4 dr. sedan

It was purchased in 1980 from the scattered collection of Truly Nolan Pest Control who use to display antique cars in front of stores and gas stations painted black and yellow with large “TRULY NOLAN PEST CONTROL” letter painted on them. The vehicle underwent a 2 year frame off restoration at a cost of $25,000.  The paint is 22 coats of hand rubbed lacquer in Burgundy and Black and the interior was redone in original mohair.  I acquired the vehicle in 1999 and added turn signals and an alternator.  In 2009 I had the engine redone at a cost of $10,800 which included a new aluminum head, aluminum side water cover and baffle, new valves, springs, timing gears, chain, internal copper oil lines redone, etc., etc., etc.....  While looking for parts World Wide we discovered many six cylinder vehicles but very few 8 cylinder units. 

Nestor Byblow's 1929 Graham-Paige model 612 Rumble Seat Coupe


Bob Ruggiero's 1932 model 56 Graham

I am just now getting around to finish restoring my 1932 Graham, Model 56, 4 Door Sedan, with Duo Side Mounts. I have been working on this car part time for the past 35 years. I would like to run the full story in the Graham clubs news paper some day. I modified the exterior just slightly to have blinker lights in the front and back. I also adapted the car with an additional 12 volt alternator and battery to have a 12 volt radio and CD and additional lights inside. The side angle "S" chrome pieces were also added with side lights for at night. We are going to use this car in my daughters' wedding this year August 4, 2012. Just recently I added the Flying Goddess on the water cap to the car. The goddess is all original,  mounted, and chrome plated over. This car really stands out, and everyone that sees it loves it.   A lot of hours of hard work that paid off. 


Corky Rossman's 1928 Graham Brothers Panel Truck

Here are some of the pictures of the 28 Graham panel. I bought this from the grandson of the man who bought it new in 1928. I have all the history of the truck and pictures of the original owner standing in the grocery store that this truck delivered grocery's for from 1928 to 1954 in Pekin, Illinois. It was then put in storage for approximately 53 years, when this grandson got the truck out of storage and got it running. We drove the truck for a couple of weeks and it ran good but smoked a lot. I have since upgraded the truck to modern drive train but have left the body as found. More pictures to follow.


My name is Brett Snyder and I have a 37 Graham Caviler business coupe. It all came about when I was working on a 53 GMC truck. My distance family relative came over to ask me if I would machine some old John Deere tractor parts. After he had seen the work that I had done on my truck, he told me that when I finish his parts he would like to show me something out in his garage. Well to my surprise he had this 37 Graham Caviler sitting in this garage for all most 30 years. He wanted me to have it with only one condition, don't hot rod it. He offered it to me at a price I could not refuse. So here I am beginning a frame off restoration. These pictures show the day I pick it up back in 2000. I have since completed the chassis. I will show you later in an email the process as it stands.



Bob Senkowski's

1927 Graham Brothers Truck


1938 Graham Supercharged  Model 96,  Sharknose 4 door sedan, 6 Cylinder supercharged 217.8 cu in engine, 116 HP @4000 rpm, and overdrive. The current owner is Jean Lipscomb Simons 2007 – to present. (Doug Lipscomb, Son), residence in Florida. Previous Owners were Orville Simons 2006 – 2007, changed ownership in March 2006 from John E Garman, Residence in Pennsylvania, and  in 1996 from G. M. Howell, who appears to have owned it from at least 1956.  My, stepfather, Orv Simons bought the Graham when he was told that his heart was weak and time was short. It was one of his first car purchases when he was younger, so he was excited to own one again. The Graham helped him to relive some of those earlier years.  The Graham was a fast car in the 30-40’s and Orv enjoyed showing off the car.  He had owned an auto repair shop in Detroit in the 1940’s.  Currently I am in the process of revitalizing, cleaning and enjoying the Graham.  I can be reached at EMAIL


Steve Howard's 8 year project. 1938 Graham Sharknose

The car started off as a really rough pile. It was a parts car for the restoration of a Combination Coupe. It has a custom frame, nine inch ford rear with disc brakes all around. Air ride front and rear. Motor is a 5.0 ford with fuel injection, trans is AOD . Power steering and brakes. Power top started as 1964 Chevelle. Also has suicide  doors and one inch taken out of the windshield . I did all the work except the paint. 




Robert Johnson's 1937 Graham

Well Jack here I send you the pictures I have from my father's Graham Paige. He bought that car in 1935, in Holland. We made a lot of nice journeys with it, to Belgium and France. That was in those days a big journey. My father had an orchid-nursery and many customers with flower shops in Amsterdam. Every Monday he went with the Graham to serve his customers. When I was a little older I always was with him. We got in World War II a special permission to drive the car, and we got gasoline for it, because the Germans they liked our flowers very much. But  In 1947 the cylinder head was broken and at that time no one could melt it, so my father changed the car for another one. That was the end of our Graham Paige time.

Eric Feenstra

Isla de Margatrita


This is my 1935 Graham model 68 Right Hand Drive, X South Africa, owned by my father, Aubrey Jillings,  in 1944/5 and was his wedding car on the 5th May 1945 in Durban.

Peter Jillings

Hi ! My name is Bert Storkson from Sweden. I got a picture of my father's Sharknose 1939? from a postcard that was sold in shops etc. The picture is taken 1954, and I know it's my father's, because it was the only one in town. He had first a 1934 Convertible with a straight 8 cylinder, later a 1938 Sharknose, then this one in picture. The Graham cars were very rare in the area we lived  (Wermland County near the Norwegian border). The nearest Graham owner was about 60 km from us, and my father was friends with the owner of that car.


Arne Holme's 1931 Graham 820




I am Michael Rosser of Lower Hutt in North Island New Zealand. I recently purchased a 1929 Graham-Paige 612 in a completely un-restored condition.  It had been imported in to New Zealand and was in the ownership of one family in the Hamilton area until 2008.  Then after a short period it was in the ownership of a local friend of that family until I was fortunate enough to buy the car earlier this month!  I enclose photographs of the car – which, I understand has only had one paint re-spray in 1972 and is otherwise unaltered and un-restored.  The registration number is “BS 20” which is one of a series (“BS 1” to BS 30” I have been told) that were allocated to the Waikato Branch of the Vintage Car Club of New Zealand when that branch of the club was started.  There are 35 branches of the club around the country and I am a member of the Wellington Branch.


I trust that this will be a welcome addition to your records of Graham-Paige cars around the world.


Mike Rosser

Katherine J. Wilkinson's family Grahams 1935 and 1936

Both Grahams belonged to Elmer and Martha Tefft Burdick, who were my great aunt and uncle. (My great uncle Elmer was my grandfather's brother.)  They--the Grahams and their owners--lived in Petersburgh, Rensselaer County, New York.  The picture with the two women actually shows one of the owners of the car.  The woman on the right is Martha Tefft Burdick.  Both this picture and the one of all the kids on the running board were taken at my grandfather's and grandmother's house in Plainfield, Massachusetts about 1938.  My mother and six of her siblings and a few of their many cousins make up the crowd so I can make a pretty good guess at the date of the pictures.  The pictures without people  are mine, given to me by Arron Tefft Burdick; the pictures with the people in them belong to my cousin Kay, whose mother is the woman on the left in the picture with Martha Tefft Burdick. Both Kay and I are happy to have you post the pictures   (Kay is the little curly-haired girl in the front row looking down and away from the camera.  And the blonde boy second from the left in the front row is Arron Tefft Burdick,  the son of the owners of the car.) 



Hello,  I would like to tell you a little about my Dad, Cecil Earl Hartley, 1902-1973. Prior to 1923 Dad worked for Kelly-Springfield Tire Company  in Ohio as his first "off-the-farm" job. I believe he said he was 16 or 17 years old.   (Just for info K-S Tire Co. added "The" to their name in 1935. My Dad's first job in 1923 was with Hudson-Essex, Princeton IN.  From Aug 1923 (I have his handwritten work record)  through July 1926 he worked in Evansville, IN for Graham Brothers Truck. His last employment was with Chrysler Defense Engineering  a new division started in 1953, which moved him that year, from Chrysler Headquarters, Dodge Truck Division in Highland Park, MI to a building located in Centerline, MI  which was one of the Mopar Parts Division buildings. His team worked on the prototypes of and the parts inspection for U.S. Army tracked vehicles which included the M-60 Main Battle Tank and  the Tank Retriever Vehicle. He retired from Chrysler employment in 1962 at the age of 60 due to a company policy that mandated "60 and out" for supervisors so that younger men could advance to supervisory positions earlier than was the norm at that time. I have an album of his pictures, covering several activities, including a trip in 1925 to the USSR for an International Motor Contest. 


IN EXPOSITION GROUNDS MOSCOW." (that's my Dad washing the truck for a promotional photo). 

Motor Contest, Winter Palace, Leningrad 1925

Drivers & Mechanics, International Motor ContestTula, Russia, Aug 1925

Overnight Park Russia

Rest Stop Russia

Stop on road south of Moscow, Aug 1925

Rickets and Gang behind the Eng. Bldg

Big Bus Chassis, Drove this Vehicle to Richmond, IN, to fit front fenders, 1926 spring

E. Town, Small Bus Chassis

Evansville, Ind,. Experimental Bus Chassis, Behind Eng. Bldg, 1926

Evansville, Ind., Double Deck Bus Chassis, 1926

Evansville, Ind., Rickets & the gang

Road Test Gang, Signal Mountain, TN 1925 (Stopped for Road Construction)

Signal Mountain, TN, Road Test Truck, 1925

Signal Mountain, TN

Approaching Signal Mt, TN, 1925

On the Road, Signal Mountain

Resting, Signal Mountain

C. E. Hartley, Ogle Park, Georgia, 1925

Ogle Park, Georgia, 1925

Road Testing in Georgia

Springtime 100 miles east of Stockton, CA

Our Caravan enroute to Yosemite, Martin Fellwock, Bill Bowman, Keith (unkn), Franklin Key


George Morales' 1929 Model 612 Graham-Paige

The 1929 Graham Paige bought April 1997 in Freetown, Ma. Shipped to Boqueron Beach, PR where it went into an intense restoration. The fun part about its restoration is finding these precious Graham-Paige parts throughout the world and especially in Canada. My best regards and Thanks to Bill Conley, Jack Sill and Michael E Keller for lending a hand when needed. Here are some of the photos made during and after restoration. This car is about 98% finish to the Authentic. It has taken a lot of precious time restoring, that's because I like taking my time working on it, to do it right. The weather here in Boqueron Beach, PR is a comfortable 80'suuny degrees all year around, and the Graham likes it that way under the garage roof and shade. No more icy rain or freezing cold weather, for the 80 years old gp612.


A Trinity of 612s

It has been suggested that I share several photos of my model 612 collection with those who frequent our club site. I am happy to oblige.

I have owned the 1930 First Series sedan since 1975. Originally sold at a Graham-Paige dealership only fifty miles from my Wisconsin home town. I am the third owner. After several years of dependable service (if not smoke free), I completely disassembled the car and restored it as closely as possible to showroom originality. Its hue is Graham-Paige Blue, just as it was when it was driven off the assembly line.



My 1929 Second Series roadster was purchased in 1997. Unfortunately, the motorcar was in a deplorable state. With only six 1929 model 612 roadsters known, I felt a proper high-point restoration was mandated. After almost four years in a professional restoration shop, the project was completed in 2006. Again, the car was restored to as close to showroom condition as possible. The hue, Crater Smoke Gray, was an optional color for Second Series Model 612 roadsters in 1929.



  The 1930 First Series business coupe was purchased in January of 2009. Although the car has not yet been fully restored, it is extremely solid and rust-free. Directly after purchase, the wood spoke wheels were refinished and new tires installed. A bit of work on the business coupe’s mechanical systems were in order, but it now drives as well as my sedan and roadster. At sometime in the 1950s, a less than diligent owner painted the body a sort of green. (Business coupes came from the Warren Avenue assembly line in 1929 wearing a much deeper green, Seabrook green). Regardless, I was elated to have this unrestored business coupe join the sedan and roadster-each is a joy to drive and a sterling example of the legacy of the three Graham brothers. (Interestingly, research has revealed my “new” coupe to be the only 1930 Model 612 business coupe extant.)




As an aside, the last photo is an image of my sedan as it was prepared for filming in the John Dillinger film, Public Enemies.


Michael Keller



A Graham-Paige from South Africa

Hi.  I thought of sharing our GP with you all the way from South Africa, my dad and I are keen collectors of old classics. The GP had quite a history and was with a family for over 60 years until we bought it from them about 9 years ago. The car was standing in their garage for the last 10 years without taking it out, the car was standing with flat tyres on the cement but in the same condition as you can see from the pictures, we just put petrol in and crank the engine a few times and the beautiful noise of the straight 6 could be heard. We have endless fun with it over weekends, although very thirsty. My dad is sitting on side rail of the car and this one is probably one of his favourites. We don't know of any other GP's in South Africa and it will be interesting to know if there is more GP's around here. We are part of Benoni Heritage Vehicle Club (BHVC) here in South Africa and are on the net for those who are interested to know what is happening down under. I hope you guys are going to have great fun in June with your show, and maybe we will see you next time around. Greetings Morne and Ben du Toit 


Camión de Bomberos Voluntarios de Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Argentina. 

Unidad Numero 1 Reliquia de nombre Republica 

1928 Graham Brothers Fire Truck

Volunteer Fire Truck, Lomas de Zamora, Buenos Aires Argentina.
Unit Number 1 Reliquia name Republica

1928 Graham Brothers Fire Truck


Dick Raczuk's Graham Hollywood

I hereby send you a picture of members of the 'van Ramshorst'-family from Amsterdam, Holland. H. van Ramshorst (1887-1960), former employee of Nefkens, started his own business in 1929 with White trucks. From his career with Nefkens comes this Graham Paige. The picture is taken in 1930/1931. You can find it also on:

Henri van Ramshorst

Grahams & Paiges in Australia

1937 Graham Crusader.

1934 Graham Model 69 Supercharged Sedan.

1927 Paige 6-75 Roadster

1927 Paige 8-85 Roadster

1927 Graham Bros G-Boy Truck

1927 Paige Cabriolet being restored

1927 Paige Cabriolet being restored

1927 Paige 8-85 Sedan

Thanks to Neville Storey



Ola Borge's 1930 Graham Dual Cowl Phaeton



1927 Graham-Paige Hearse




Kenneth Tucker's 1929? Graham-Paige

1933 Graham

I got the vehicle almost 2 years ago from the owners widow Ruth Sheplear, who had it in a garage for almost 20 years in Burbank Ca. the vehicle was in the great race that took place From Los Angeles to Indianapolis in 1984. After removing it from storage, unfreezing the engine and replacing the head gasket, it ran great!!!   Its being used as a background vehicle in a movie called "changeling" directed by Clint Eastwood. Although being a Ford and Chrysler product collector for a long time, I really have to say these cars were too advanced for their era and posses a great deal of distinction and charm.  best regards, Albert Rojas

Attached are two pictures of 1941 Graham Hollywoods.  The first was owned by my father, Floyd Coleman in 1943.  Sixty-two years later he got another one.  This one is in original condition with 73000 miles on it.  It was in Paris, France until 1969 and then in the New England area and then to Florida recently.

Those are my parents with their Graham Paige. Year 1932  in Spain.

My name:  Juan Ignacio Fernandez Villaverde

City:  León  (Spain)


Recently purchased 1930 Standard 6 Coupe 41000 original documented miles 1 prior owner, all factory paper work original invoice, all warranty paper work, any work done on car papers all registrations since purchased. Last registered in 1970.

Kevin Conners





This GP Model 629 Seven Passengers was bought new in Quebec City by my maternal Grand Father in April 1928. During my younger years, I stayed with my grand parents and was part of almost every sortie of the car and in fact used to kneel on the front seat and actually "drive" the car (steering wheel only, of course) . These were my first car driving lessons. The car logged 180,000 miles staying on the road as the family car until 1953. It was then stored near Quebec City and I ran it again in 1967, then for my marriage in 1969, and a few times after that. In 1988 I moved it to a Aircraft Hangar near Chicoutimi Quebec where it still is. The car is original. The more recent photos were taken at an air festival at the airport on June 24 2007. It was towed from the hangar to the show but I am presently taking care of a little number of issues to have it running by itself within a  few days.

Louis M Pedneau, Chicoutimi, Qc Canada













1934 Graham

Hello, my name is Bec from Victoria, Australia. I've been fishing the net trying to find a price tag to put on this 1934 Graham of my father's. His name was Philip Provan and he passed away before he made a real start on this project. I'm certainly no mechanic/restorer so I want to find someone who wants to finish this project, so I thought I'd show a few photos here. I only have some of dad's old notes and the ramblings of my grandfather to go by, so this is about all I know:  Does run, but hasn't for years. 6-cylinder lycombing engine. 4 new tyres, wheels painted. Diff collapsed (faulty?) but has a Chrysler diff to go with it. Hydro brake. Solid leather upholstery. Headlight glass smashed but reflector ok. 2 spare covers. I think dad picked it up from Swan Hill, Victoria. I'm still none the wiser of a price, but if anyone can point me in the right direction... EMAIL 

Ken Sams 1937 Graham. Model number unknown. 

If anyone knows the model number please email Ken directly at EMAIL


1928 Graham Brothers Canopy Express truck

This truck was purchased by John Biery in 1928 to use at the Ridgelawn Cemetery in Pittsburgh, PA. Exact use at the cemetery is unknown. Sometime during it's use it was decided to be made into a pickup. The original wood sign from the cemetery was used to fill in the back of the cab and the roof was cut off. We have the wood with the original lettering. The current entrance has a large stone arch at the cemetery. The truck was replaced by a 1948 Ford dump truck and retired. John's son had started restoration and spare parts collecting in late 1970's but didn't continue. It sat in various garages for years and remained in the Biery family until I was approached by a grandson of John to purchase it. We brought it home November 2003 and started restoration. We kept the truck all original as possible and used many of the collected parts to restore it. We have had a great time restoring this and have kept in contact with the Biery family on progress.

Barb and Ed Joyce

Here are 2 photos of my employer’s 1926 Graham truck. We also have a 1927 Graham truck and a 1929 Graham/Boyer Fire engine.

Dan Robbins
New Vernon, New Jersey

A Graham Down Under



I purchased this car from a museum that closed down in Central Victoria Australia 1998.
The car was in good order when I purchased it and traveled 1005.000 miles since new . I have done all the restoration work my self including the upholstery and trim.
Graham special six 1930 . Body by Ruskin Australia.
Best features of the car, easy and comfortable to drive, keeps up with the modern traffic and fantastic brakes. Bad feature loves to guzzle petrol .

 Margaret & Ibo Sweep

I am going through old photos of my deceased Mother and found this particular picture with the words Graham
Paige written on the back. Also the year 1935, but I believe that was the year the photo was taken.  I didn't know what Graham Paige was, so I did a google search and learned! So now I am sending this picture to you. The man behind the wheel is my grandfather Frank Torre, and the woman sitting down is my grandmother, Rose Torre, and the baby she is holding is my Aunt Mary Torre. All are deceased. I don't know what color the car was or anything else about it. All I know is it is a wonderful picture of my grandparents that I treasure. If you wish to use it on your website, please do so. (Please let me know.) I don't have any other pictures of this car.

If anyone can tell me what year the car is, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,
Kathleen Kelly

I am a new Graham owner beginning a restoration of my 1929 Graham-Paige Model 615.
Post a picture of her if you like. I'll have another for you when she's

Toby Lee Quezambra
Laguna Hills, California

Geoff Blair's 1st Series 1934 Graham

I have this car owned since 1968, and tried to retain
original look but have had to update engine and running gear to
XF Falcon using a 4.1L six cylinder engine. Very reliable and
functional everyday in today's city traffic. Attracts lots of public


Sharknose Graham Street Rod

More at

1926 Peter Pirsch Graham Brothers Fire Truck

owned by BOB LORENZ

(It is for Sale but I thought everyone might like to see it. See our "Graham Bits" page)

Here is a photo on our Graham Brothers 1926 fire truck.
Owner FD Västervik (Vastervik) Sweden.




Hi, my name is Pete G. I own a 1930 GRAHAM PAIGE which I purchased from a collector about 6 month ago. The vehicle was being restored

1936 Graham Paige





Asunto: Graham Paige 1936 cabrio

A traves de www.graham- , he visto su email. Tengo un Graham Paige de 1936, cabriolet 2+2, 6 cylindres en ligne,16 CV, carrozado en Francia por Chapron,vendido en francia por Graham France. Es un modelo raro. Le adjunto fotos. Me podria facilitar informacion de este modelos y de su existencia.

le saluda,

Alfonso Arias


Hi, my wife and I recently purchased this modified 41 Hollywood in Atlanta Ga. The dealer we bought the car from
had little past history on the car other than the previous owner who himself only had the car a short time. We are
looking forward to some long distance touring in the car and going to Graham events when possible. We live in Baja
California Mexico 700 miles south of San Diego and after shipping the car from Atlanta to San Diego we drove the
Graham home in August. We have some overheating problems to deal with before considering those long drives we
were looking forward to. The car is serial # 7000369, if anyone can help with some of the history on the car we would
sure like to hear from them.

All the best, Ron Bellerive/Wendy Wilchynski, Loreto B.C.S. Mexico

Gary M. Kosut's 1933 Graham Model 64


after 6 years, I have finally finished resto of my 38 Sharknose, the only known survivor in Switzerland with registration.
I am very proud of that fine car, and I have to thank to many GOCI members, specially to Bill Conley, who made restoration possible and "easy going". The car has deluxe equipment with supercharger, heater, chrome wheels, antenna, sporty steering wheel, but standard floor shift with overdrive and freewheeling. The car came to Switzerland in May 1938 and left roads when the owner died in 1961. I discovered the car in 1989 and bought it in August 1999, after 10 years of fighting with the son of the first owner, and started restoration immediately. Unfortunately I am still in need of a such a transmission with OD for replacement. 2nd gear is always jumping out and OD does not work. Dome light lens is missing too... if anybody can help: please mail to: or  Enjoy the pictures. My new project will be a barn fresh Graham 619, discovered in very sound condition after exactly 50 years of sleeping. Car is in need of a hub cap and some smaller trim parts, new hydraulic brakes and tires... I seems to be that i am the only Swiss guy that owns 2 Grahams...!!!! The guy who discovered the car called me and asked me if I really own a Graham. I said yes, I own a Sharknose in resto-process, and then he asked me if I like to get another one... Look at my answer ...!!! The car was bought in 1929 by a wine yard farmer, then hidden for war time and later used by a garage as a strong puller to rescue damaged cars. In 1954 they garaged the Graham again... I will be happy to get in contact with other square body owners or specialists. or

Let's keep the Graham's roaring and rolling in Europe and Switzerland.




Hello to all:
My name is Pablo and I have a 1930 Graham Paige in almost original conditions. The car will be restored soon. My uncle Dusan bought it in Argentina almost 20 years ago and never used it, soon brought it to Venezuela since 7 years and recently in December of 2004, after some smaller mechanic jobs and a good polished one, finally we put it to run and we frequently handled it by the streets of our city Valencia. If anyone wish some information are possible to be communicated with me at my Web page or by the email

Regards Pablo.


My car is nearly complete. Only the door trim has to be finished. I plan to register it at the end of June.

Albert Barreto


1936 Graham Crusader US Body Right Hand Drive.


We purchased in December 2004 our 1929 Graham Paige 612 from Ron & Pat Love ,Palmerston North in the north island of NZ ,we believe they purchased it in a damaged condition from Rotorua central north island. They restored it to its present condition in time for the Sun Alliance Rally 2000. We have since enjoyed taking it to the Art Deco weekend in Napier in February this year as seen in attached photo and have taken part in several vintage rallies.

Pam &Graham Giacometti




 I have attached some photos of a 41 Hollywood that I building , maybe you would like to put some of them on your web site . It started with just a body in the ruff as a lot of them. I have about 500 hours of sheet metal work in the car. I built a tube chassis with a coil over front suspension w/power rack & pinion . A 9" Ford rear end with a four link and coil overs. The power train is a Chevy 330 H.P. crate engine w/700 4 speed automatic overdrive transmission , power brakes , power windows , tilt column , custom console & dash w/digital instrumentation , power trunk lift, hand made lower grilles , to many hand made parts to list. The car is being painted a two tone green & silver and will be in Alabama in July for interior by Paul Atkins. This car has been a challenge to build with no parts available and not much to start with. Looking forward for the finished product.

Bill Echols

My wife and I are members of Graham Owners Club International and The California Graham Club. We purchased this 1931 Graham on March 5th, 2000 at the Temecula Car Show, Temecula, California. The car was found in a back
yard in Utah about 1985 in very rusty and damaged condition. I was fortunate to get several photos of the car in its stages of restoration from the rusted-out condition it was found in in 1985 to present day and would be glad to send copies to you. Restoration includes: A 200 c.i. Ford Sprint 6 cyl Motor with a C-4 Ford Automatic Transmission, early Ford front drop axel, Ford truck 9 inch rear end, air shocks, 12 volt seal beam headlights placed inside the original headlight housings, red velour upholstery, silver-gold metallic paint, custom 15 inch wheels, original gauges, a black leather trunk on the original fold down rack and a cruising speed of 60 to 70 miles per hour. This '31 Graham is also equipped with a ten disc CD changer located behind the rear seat, AM FM stereo radio and a CB for communication and directions on extended road trips. For safety, seat belts have been added that match the red velour upholstery. After a 30 year career in teaching and school administration, I retired my high school principalship three year ago. My wife, Debbie will be retiring in June, 2005 from her 30 year career as a medical lab technician in the area of cancer research. Our plans are to travel extensively in our diesel-pusher motor home throughout the United States, Canada, and Baja Mexico. We plan to drive our 1931 Graham to as many car show and events as possible during our retirement with the ultimate goal of driving the historic Rout 66 from Santa Monica, California to Chicago. During the five years that we have owned our 1931 Graham we have enjoyed the friendship of many classic car owners. We have been honored to drive several wedding couples in our Graham to and from the church and reception and have attended many car shows in the Southern California area. Although we will not be attending the Graham International Club Meet at Fredericksburg, Texas in April, we do plan on attending a meet in future years. Belonging to the Graham Club International has provided us with many resources for parts as well as information on the social events we look forward to participating in. 
We look forward to seeing you down the road.


Steve & Debbie Pavich


Its not much of a picture. This was my Dads 1931 Graham and that's my Grandmother

 Jim Ondulick, Monessen, Pa


My name is Menno van den Hoek and I live in The Netherlands. Since several years I own a 1937 Graham Supercharger Sedan. (See photo's in the attachments) The car was sold in France in 1937 in the department of Paris. I do not know what happened with this car during world war II but in 1970 a Dutchmen bought the car from a farmer. He 'nursed' the car more than 30 years and in the year 2001 the car was mine.. The car was and is in a very good and original condition. Some years ago this car was an item in a TV-program and in October 2004 my Graham was in a classic car-magazine with photo's and a nice text.  The photo's show the car in front of the medieval town hall of Middelburg (Zeeland, Holland), the place where I live and near the North seacoast and a lighthouse. I hope you can use these photo's in The Supercharger or on the website. Respectfully, Menno van den Hoek

1931 first series Graham-Paige model 56

I don't know anything about the car, except that I knew that at one time my father owned a Graham. This picture was taken in Oakland, California on a vacant lot where he built a house in 1939. I was one year old when we moved in. The house burned to the ground in the big Oakland hills fire in the early 1990's. He was also George Hickish and was a traveling salesman, as they called them back then. He would have been 35 years old at the time the picture was taken.

George Hickish


Can anyone ID this??

I was happy to find your web page, as I am trying to identify an unique G-P artifact I acquired recently. I am in hopes you--or someone in the club--can identify its purpose/use. It is a G-P shield (like the radiator emblem), approx 9 by 17-1/4 inches, which appears to be flame-cut from 3/32" steel (the design is cut out, as you would cut out a stencil). The party I got it from was not sure of its usage. I believe it to be too large to have been used on a vehicle--am guessing that it might have been a dealer showroom display, or part of one. It had two shallow metal channels soldered to the back, vertically, for mounting on something. I am a
long time collector of old car emblems and artifacts, and do a lot of display work with them. I finished the G-P piece in a coppery color and mounted it on a 1/2 walnut plaque, with red background, as on some of the car emblems. It turned out very nice, but I sure would like to know what it was! I have a jpeg photo of it, and will e-mail it to you shortly. Looking forward to hearing from you, and with thanks, I am, Stew Reamer.


Jack Chidgzey's 1929 Model 612 Graham-Paige

I found some old pictures in an album of my parents. One of these is a photo of a Graham Paige dealer in my home town SOEST in Holland. It was taken in front of the dealer's office on behave of the 900 years anniversary of SOEST in 1929. I hope you are interested in this picture. I send it to you as an attachment on this mail. 

Paul Batenburg 

Thanks Paul!

This in from Neil Oldfield (down under).

On Australia Day every year the local Automobile club runs a display of historical vehicles. We can usually raise Two or three Graham Paiges, but they are usually spread over the display area, this year we managed 5,
and also managed to get them place together. I have attached 3 pictures. The  cars are as follows.

Garry Jewels Fawn and Brown 1929 612 Sedan. Geoff Olfield's Two Tone Green 1928 610 Tourer (I drove, he still has trouble) Rob Bonners Red 1930 Special Six Sedan Rob Bonners Two tone Brown 1929 615 dual cowl phaeton and another 1928 610 Sedan (Sorry I forget they guys name...) These cars displayed as a group caused quite a stir, and we were talking
to people all day, including the son of a guy that worked for the local distributor, who remembered his fathers cars, including a supercharged Sharknose. (Where did that car go, we all wonder). You will also notice to the far left a small red MG, that is our other car, that was  displayed by my two girls (My wife and 5 Month old daughter) baby capsule and all.

Fosco and Mary Picchi's 1939 Graham

I think that the shot taken beside the door is particularly nice and unusual, hopefully you can use it on the web site. After many years of shopping and a few disappointments we bought this wonderful 39 Graham from Cecil and Virginia Brown of Kennesaw Georgia. Leaving a local car show this summer where the Graham was awarded first prize, my 90 year old grandfather offered to drive it home for me as I had another vehicle at the show too. When I got home the Graham was no where to be found. Some time later Grandpa drove in the yard wearing a priceless grin. Seems he got a bit nostalgic and decided to take a longer route.


John and Barb Mefferd 1936 Graham series 80.

I found the Graham in lower Mi. sitting behind a barn in the early 70s.I drove the car for a year. The car has been garaged for 25 years In May of 2000 I retired and started working on the car. I wanted something a little different, so the Graham now has a 283 small block, with a 700R4 transmission , Mustang suspension with 2'' dropped spindles, power steering and brakes. I am still working on the head lights, roof, and interior. The Graham is now running on its own power as of Dec. I am really looking forward to driving the Graham to some cruses this summer as a work in

This car was accident damaged in 1957, by a truck. Was shed stored until 1992, when I then purchased the car. It was purchased from a chap in the north island of New Zealand, and took me three years to restore it, from a chassis up restoration. All parts are original, six wire wheels, carrier and all original options. The car is 1st series 1930, 1929 Graham Paige 612 4 door sedan. 2 tone gray.

Don't know whether this is exactly in your line, but here is a picture of my great uncle Charlie Nelson's (pre-Graham) Paige roadster in the 20s. I do not know the year it was made -- if anyone does, I'd be glad to hear. The lady at the wheel is uncle Charlie's half-sister, Muriel Sheehan (my father's aunt). There were many family stories about this fabled car, which I am told made over 100 mph. My great-aunt Nellie used to race freight trains at a place where the road ran parallel to the tracks. The little side door behind the driver's door is NOT a golf bag door -- it's a drop-down jump seat (you may be just able to pick out the grip forward of the door (for holding on when you sat there, with your feet on the running board). There was a matching jump seat on the other side. As a child, my father and his siblings would vie to see who got to ride outboard. Uncle Charlie once told me the engine sat so far back under the hood (there was empty space at the front, as the hood was extended just for the look of power) that the front end tended to lift off the ground when he gave it extra power going up steep hills -- he'd get all the kids to climb out and sit on the front fenders to keep it down!

Allan Small

Jeff Easter's 1931 Graham "Special Six" Model 54

My name is Jeff Easter and I just bought my first Graham. I am very excited  and would like to share it with the club. The previous owner was or is a  member. Gurick is the name. I do not know much about it but it runs.



My name is Joaquin Ros and I´m owner of this Graham. Mi coche tiene la culata rota, necesito información acerca de donde puedo comprar esta y otras piezas

1936 Graham Street Rod

Harry, Shana, and Grace Holtkamp of Ryland, Kentucky

Not much history, we bought it from a gentleman that had it for either 8 or 9 years, and it has been sitting in his garage for 2 years. We've been watching it in the Autotrader magazine and had been waiting for the price to go down. I know I was looking every week for 6 weeks and the price finally went down. We got it for much much less than the $24,000 appraisal he had  gotten. I asked and he had no history on the car either. It was one of the  supercharged cars but now has a Chev 350, and it does have the optional  trunk. Still has the original seats, just reupholstered, speedometer and  gas gauge are original and still work. Needs some minor adjustments but it's  well worth it.

Cecil Whipple's Twins!!

I purchased another Hollywood to go with the one I had restored in 1989. I purchased it from a gentleman in Tennessee so now I have a set of twins. He was a very particular person and it is one of a kind. It is just about flawless and he did a really good job of restoring it. It is powered by a 340 Mopar engine and has power disk brakes, torsion bar suspension, air shocks, air conditioning, tilt wheel, CB radio, 6 way Seville seats, Barracuda rally wheels, Sony AM/FM radio cassette, 4 speakers, custom upholstery, burglar alarm, and much more. I have enjoyed it and showing both of them this summer.

Kneale Brownson's Graham

More Pictures on Kneale's Web Page at

The only "history" I have for this car is that the previous owner of about  two years acquired the car from someone who had purchased it in a "lot" of several old cars from an estate sale in Southeastern Michigan several years ago, and this was not one that he was interested in restoring, so he sold it. My seller, who had done body work in the past and currently operates an automotive repair shop, had planned to restore the Graham, but he found something else that was ready to run and really a stronger interest for him, so he decided to sell too.

Sandra Fulford sent me the following:

This is my dad's 1935 Graham.



Dan and Margaret Clark's 1933 Graham


My husband and I had always been into Harleys. In 1997 a kid in a car hit us as we were turning left. Since then we have sworn off of motorcycles. No matter how safe you are on a motorcycle you have to be aware of the people driving the cars, that don’t pay attention to the cyclist. My husband almost lost his leg not to mention both of our lives. He had to medically retire from his job since he could not do his Aircraft maintenance job any longer. To replace the motorcycle he bought a 29 Ford Roadster. That was not built very well. Then he pick up a 32 ford coupe that he was not happy with either so we decided he should just build one himself. Well he found advertised in the Auto Trader this 1933 Graham that needed a lot of work to restore. The motor has been trashed long before we found it and it had been taken apart in put in boxes. It took a week to decide weather he wanted to do this or not. So he decided to go ahead and get it. But still was not sure about getting into it. The previous owner had given our phone # to someone else that was interested in the car. He came out to look at it and decided it was to much work for him. So since my husband needed something to do during the winter, I convinced him to try to rebuild this car. I can always see possibilities in everything no matter how big or small. This Automobile is our prize possession now. We call her (Graham Baby)  We had most of the parts for the Graham except the running gear, the spare tire carrier and the rear bumpers. And a few other small pieced that he had to make himself, (brackets, ext). A lot of blood, sweat and tears went into this car. He was ready to quit many times while working on her. Nothing went smoothly.  He did all but the interior. I did that. It is as original as we could get it. With a Chevy V8 motor, auto transmission. He had to make the rear bumper so he took a bumper he found from another car that he thought would fit, but when we got it home, it was to small. So he cut in half and shaped it like the front bumper. We are really happy with the way every thing turned out. She is not just a Car She is an Automobile. I believe you should be able to tell by the picture why we are so proud to be Graham Owners. We have been in Contact with Bill McCall and He states that there are only 24 of this model left in existents.

Dan & Margaret Clark



Cecil Whipple's 1941 Graham Hollywood


In 1988 I found this 1941 Hollywood Graham on a mountain in Canada, in this condition. I hauled it to Spokane and started looking for parts cars and found 3 more. One in Portland, one in Seattle and another in Odessa to use for parts and started to put together to make one good car.

With the help of a friend the car was finished in 8 1/2 months. Working every day and night on it in an old combine shop and having an understanding wife who would only give me 3 checks a day.

The fender skirts were made 25 years ago out of a Coca Cola sign by one of the former owners, who sent them to me to be put back on the car. I used a Cord as a pattern for the interior, so I could have the same interior design. The drive train is all Graham and I used 15 inch bronco wheels with radial tires and it drives beautiful. It doesn't jump all over the road.

I have had 10 wonderful years at car shows etc. and have won many awards. I have been collecting all like new grills, bumper mldgs, etc. for years as I might like to one more if I can find a good body. I would be glad to help anyone trying to restore a Hollywood as I learned a lot doing mine and I know a lot of Graham owners who may have extra parts. I also have about 80 pictures of different Hollywoods that I have been collecting over the years and am always looking for more. If you have one that I don't have I would appreciate it. 



You can contact Cecil Whipple at

P.O. Box 14286

Spokane, WA 99214


Here are some pictures of a 1938 Sharknose Graham that I rebuilt for a customer. Doug Castoldi found this car at Fall Carlisle about 7 years ago. The condition was pretty sad, but he insisted I could bring it back to life. Doug wanted a lot of changes and updates too. Finally this Fall it was finished. This Graham is really different! How about twin sidemounts and a spare on the back. Some of the other goodies include 350 Chev power, P/S, P/B, P/W, A/C, and coil suspension all around. Custom built running boards and chrome up front along with 2 extra tail lights finish it off. Doug managed to attend about a half dozen cruises this Fall and will be ready again next Spring.

Ron Booher

Perhaps someone can identify the year and model of this car. My mother and father always talked of owning a Graham-Paige. I recently discovered this photo of what I believe to be the Graham-Paige they talked about. I do know my father called it the "Green Streak'', because it was so fast, so I assume it must have been the color green. Perhaps green was a color option for only one could be a clue. My grandmother, Emma Berry, is on the left, my father Elvin Ellis is in the middle and my mother Madeline on the right. I think the picture was taken in Hollywood about 1929, so I'm guessing that the car is a 1928 or 1929 Graham-Paige, what model, I do not know. I call the picture Bonnie and Clyde, because they kind of remind me of them, because of the clothes and the pose on the running board of the car.

I recently ran across the attached photo. The pictured couple were my maternal grandparents, Simon Kenton Cornett and his wife Katherine Campbell. The photo was taken in or around Knott County KY: we think the date was about 1928. Family tradition says the car was a Graham-Paige.

Phil Ritchie

Surfing around on the internet and getting bored, I thought let's try to find out if there is something to discover about the Graham, the car my father used to have just before WWII up to 1948. What a pleasant surprise to find out, that there even is a Graham-Paige club who owns a website as well! I spelled your website and found, that one of your slogans is: Don't be shy and send a picture of your Graham if possible together with a short story. With pleasure I will answer to your request. (As I am a Dutchman, please accept mistakes in my English, as I do not speak and write it every day!) Together with this story I send you a picture of my father's Graham. The moment he bought the car -second hand- he came home, took me, placed me onto the bumper of the car and took the picture. At that time I was about 2 years old, so it must have been somewhere in 1938. I am not sure, but I think the car must have been from 1934 or 1935. Maybe you can find out which year the car must have been built. I only know, that it had a 6 cylinder engine and I heard several times my father say: It is a 6 cylinder special, whatever that meant. The car had a movable windshield, a radio (the antenna was build underneath the car) and even a heater. It had 4 doors, no luggage trunk, but a luggage rack. Before the rear window there was a little roll-up curtain and between the front doors and the backdoors there were inside two crystal flower vases. It had spoked wheels color red or yellow. Those wheels have had both colors but I can't remember whether my father had them repainted red or yellow, so I do not know the original color. The car itself was black or very dark-blue. That's all I can remember about this car, I can't ask my father anymore as he died several years ago. Now the story: During WWII the Germans, who occupied Holland, started to seizure all cars in our country. (Later on they even pinched bikes) My father did not want to loose his Graham and he went to a friend who owned a retail business in coal. In Holland during that time we had to heat our houses with a stove, that used coal. That friend had a big barn in which he raised his supplies for his customers. The Graham was hidden in this barn, under a lot of hay packets. It just looked like a haystack, however, a haystack in a barn????? Nevertheless, the Germans did not find out during the war that there was a car hidden there, although they have been in the barn several times! Yet the car helped us in a way coming through the war. As a matter of fact, the Germans locked up at that time all electricity factories in Holland and stopped the delivery. We - the people in the west of Holland- didn't have any electricity, so there were for instance problems illuminating our houses. My dad went to the Graham, took the accumulator (battery) out and somewhere in Amsterdam he found a garage who still had electricity. There he managed to get the battery loaded and with 6 volt lamps throughout our flat we had an illuminated house. This situation did not last long and after a while my dad could nowhere find a possibility to reload the battery. Then he got an idea. As you may know, in Holland there are windmills. When he saw a working windmill, he thought why not take the alternator (right word?, maybe dynamo?) from the car, construct some wings on it, put it on a mast and put it upon the roof. And indeed, when there was wind, there was electricity, of course only 6 volt, and our house was illuminated again. But when the wind was gone, we still had to use a candle. When the war was over, my father went to get the Graham, but what a disappointment. The car had not been used during several years and the engine did not want to start. At a garage (there were no Graham dealers in Holland and never have been) they found  out, that the engine needed a complete tune-up. After this was done, the car was again the dream-car my father ever had. But my dad had no work at that time. He found out, that the Dutch government did not have any cars, they were all stolen by the Germans. Therefore he offered himself with the Graham to the government as a driver. They hired him but not long after that the first cars from the USA came to Holland. My father got sacked, for they did not need his car anymore. The cars that came to Holland could not be bought unless people had a carnet from the government. These were not easy to get and my father and his car rented themselves to several private firms, until they also got a car. At the last private firm they said: you can stay, but we don't need your car anymore. That was the moment my father had to sell his Graham for it was too expensive for private driving. Sold to a laundry-boss who was going to use the car for rallies along the Dutch-Belgian border. We never found out, what at the end became of our Graham. Hope to hear from you in order to know if you can use the picture and the story.
H.A. Bischof



My 1929 Graham Paige Story

I found my Graham Paige for sale on the side of the road one day on Hwy 150 at Lake Norman, NC. After passing by it every day, wanting it more each time, my ex-husband made a couple of offers, which the guy finally accepted. My 1929 Graham Paige became my Christmas present around 1986. Whoever owned it before me rewired it for an 8 volt battery which we changed back to the original 6 volt, and a couple of other changes he did (different horn, some wiring) that we changed back also to the original. He put all the original pieces he replaced in the trunk so that was good. I’m sorry, but I can’t actually remember everything we had done. I’m not a mechanic and it’s been so long!

I used to drive it all over the place but then electrical problems started occurring like the battery wouldn’t charge itself while it was running (which left me on the side of the road more than once). I parked it after that cause we couldn’t find anyone who could figure out what was wrong. I moved away after our divorce, but kept the car in a garage waiting for me to come get her for about 8 years. My current husband and I brought her to Virginia 4 years ago in 1997. He got her running briefly 3 years ago, but to no avail, after driving it down the road and back probably ¼ of a mile total, she wouldn’t start again and hasn’t for 3 years. He has put many hours working on it replacing things that needed to be done for obvious reasons; battery, spark plugs, fuel pumps (2), wires, timing. He’s thinking it’s an electrical problem; so if anyone can give us any insight, please let us know!!

We really want to get her running again and enjoy the wonderful feeling you have when driving such a fun automobile. People just stare at her, not knowing what kind of car it is. I remember driving to Winston-Salem, NC from Lake Norman to proudly show my parents my new surprise many years ago. I passed cars that were going 60 mph!! It’s a car you just fall in love with.

I know this story isn’t exactly thrilling, but it’s how I acquired and hung on to "Bonnie"!

Carolann Lineweaver

Radford, VA

A Bit of Graham History From New Zealand


Hi There!

My name is Brett Raill, I live on the North Island of New Zealand. I stumbled across your Graham Owner's Club site by accident and was reminded of a Graham owned by my Great Grandmother Laetitia Jennings. After searching for a photograph, I found a snapshot of my Mother and Aunt with the car in the mid-1950s. I believe the car was a 1935 Special 6 sedan, in dark green. The car was purchased by my Great Grandmother off a farmer in the Waikato district of the North Island in 1951, after passing her driving test aged 56! Gas was rationed here in New Zealand during and for several years after World War II and like many cars, the Graham was put on blocks in 1940 where it remained until being purchased by my Great Grandmother. The car was in immaculate condition with less than 25,000mls on the clock and completely original when my Great Grandmother bought it. The nterior was brown leather and the exterior was finished in the factory-applied dark green. My Great Grandmother really looked after the car as the importation of new cars was strictly controlled by the Government right up to the 1970s and prospective buyers not only had to go on a waiting list, but had to have 2 of the purchase price in overseas funds and there was no choice of colour or trim - buyers were happy to take what they could get. Prices of U.S. cars were high, making humble Willys, Chevrolets, Plymouths and Ford V-8s very expensive cars, even though they were assembled here right-hand drive as K.C.D. kits from Canada. So second-hand automobiles were in great demand and if taken care of, held their value for many years. The Graham drew many admiring glances and comments, even in the 1950s. In 1956, whilst on holiday, the head on the Graham cracked and was repaired but eventually cracked again in 1959, and in those days was unable to be repaired. My Mother's Uncle Phil, a mechanic, swapped the old lady a 1936 Ford V-8 for the ailing Graham which he fitted with the engine from a Willys '99',before selling it on. The car was last seen in Hastings in 1961.

When I was growing up in the 1960s, late '30s and '40s cars were relatively common as family transport. Grahams must've sold quite well out here, because in the small town where I was raised, there were several '30s Grahams, including '36 and '37 Cavaliers and a '39 Special.


Mike and Mariann Burkholder's

1941 Graham Hollywood


Well after running 16 years with no problems, I can't really be upset with my car finally giving out on us on our way to Peterborough in June of '99. We were running up the road with Bob and Jeneil Feldes . They were driving their 1940 Sharknose and us in the Hollywood talking back and forth on our CB radios. I needed gas but would not stop for anything unless it was on the right side of the road and it had to be one of only three gas stations that I have a credit card for. Needless to say I did run out of gas about 100 miles from home. Bob ran me down a couple of miles to a gas station in his Sharknose for gallon of gas and soon we were back on the road again. Another 100 miles up the road we stopped for lunch and I changed spark plugs because I felt a miss. Before we left the parking lot I heard a knock deep inside the engine but put it out of my mind. This is called denial. Roaring up the highway another 60 miles and the knock became unbearable. Although I still was in denial, I could not bear to see a rod hanging through the side of the engine block as proof that there definitely was a knock. We had the car towed to my Sister's house up the road another 130 miles and put in her garage until later. The next morning we continued on our journey in a rental car (nothing could stop us from going to a Graham Meet) and of course felt lousy about leaving the Hollywood behind. A few weeks after the meet, Bob took me up to Pennsylvania in his Dodge truck. I rented a tow dolly up there and we loaded up the car and towed it home. It sat in the garage waiting patiently for me to drop the oil pan and diagnose the problem. Well I finally did the following June after attending the Graham Meet in Portland Oregon. I installed all new rod bearings and buttoned it up and test drove. All systems say go for the Dixieland Graham Meet in Pigeon Forge in Sept 2000. So for the first time ever I got a hard luck award at the National Meet. . I really enjoy driving my Graham to as many Graham Meets as possible. The members in our club are the greatest. When we go to a Graham Meet it is more like a family reunion, vacation, and car show all rolled into one exciting week. If you don't see me at the Graham National Meet, you will know without asking, that I have gone to the big Graham showroom in the sky.


This Email was received June 11, 2000

You will find attached the photos of the two G-P my Grandfather Mr. Giovanni Rognoni (my mother's father) proudly owned. At the beginning of the '30s he bought the one shown in photo 1. After a couple of years he imported from the States a Graham-Paige without the bodywork, that was built especially for him here in Milan (photo 2). With that one he partecipated to two "Mille Miglia", in 1933 and 1934. Photos 3 and4 show his car at the departure of that famous race in 1934. He sold it shortly after my Grandmother's death in 1936. I had no opportunity of knowing him, as he died in 1942 and I was born in 1945, so I have to depend on my mother's memories about these cars.

My best regards.

Fulvio Biagioni



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