I received the following email on September 10th 2012. If you have seen this GB truck or have information about it please contact me EMAIL and I will pass the information along to the appropriate people



Hello - I am attaching a photo of a 26 Graham truck I bought from an Andrew Keiffer in Dansville NY. I bought this off of craigslist and it was also listed on Ebay. The problem is when I sent a company to pick it up the truck could not be loaded because the brakes were froze and so on. Long story short the guy kept my money and moved the truck and could have sold it to someone else.  Tried for 2 months to get with him but no luck. I live in Kansas so it is difficult. I just wonder if you have a place to post things like that on your site. I am attaching a photo or two. The sheriff in both states is also looking for the vehicle as well and will deal with this man. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. There is no room in the collector world for scammers. The VIN he gave me was 483627 as well as C273148. I do not have a way to see if either is a proper sequence for a 26 graham truck but maybe you know where to point me to see if either could be correct.

Thanks again,

Brad Smith