Tips Caring Your Car Before Traveling

Tips Caring Your Car Before Traveling

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Automotive Car Review – talk about the vehicle is very wide. Starting from public transportation to private vehicles. However, it is usually discussed more into private vehicles. Starting from the latest product output to the advantages and disadvantages of the vehicle. However, no doubt also if the review of the vehicle also discussed about vehicle maintenance.

Car maintenance can not be done carelessly. Because not all vehicles are treated equally. Adjusted to the specifications of the vehicle. Because it is impossible to care for motorcycles equated with the car. Indeed from some things, similar. But it is impossible to apply all for all types of vehicles.

To take care of the car, there are some things to watch out for. Not all cars can be treated equally. Because now there are two kinds of cars now, namely manual and automatic. Car with diesel fuel or not. There are some company car sponsored by advertising or car care that has been used for long journey jam nan like homecoming? Here are car maintenance after use for going home, among others;

Tips Caring Your Car Before Traveling

  1. Check the engine oil, transmission and axle car, because after use mudil, certainly the car has a lot of friction between the components. Checking and changing the car oil is strongly recommended to make durable car engine,
  2. Check all electrical and battery water. If necessary, bring a battery water reserve if the car battery used is wet battery,
  3. Check also tire air pressure. Because during the long journey, surely tire air pressure shrinkage. The need for checking the air pressure can reduce the risk of tire slippage due to the load carried by the car and cause the car tires to be damaged,
  4. Air filter should be cleaned to prevent the pull of the engine is reduced, fuel consumption becomes more extravagant, the engine sound becomes rough, especially the engine crashed causing the car broke down,
  5. If during the trip back and forth in the rain, the need for checking for wiper blade on the car. Moreover, if rain falls on the left-right toll road is still empty land where rain water mixed with mud on the windshield and after that exposure to sunlight resulted in the car wipers will experience the stiffness that makes the glass cleaning is reduced,
  6. Water radiator even before traveling back and forth is also considered, because if the water radiator is heating, causing the car engine to stop working. And also after a trip, try to check back water radiator car to minimize the risk of the car engine overheating,
  7. Shock absorber is used to withstand shocks during driving. And also hold the load carried by the car. Because with this shock absorber, make the journey become comfortable. After traveling, of course, resulting in a slight shock absorber decreased. Because of course usually after going home, the luggage will be more than when leaving for going home.

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