Unique yet Weird Cars around the World1

Unique yet Weird Cars around the World

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Unique yet Weird Cars around the World – Since the invention of the first steam engine era, many people brainstormed and used their creativity to install that machine into various vehicles. One of them is a car. Before the launch of charming four-wheelers like today, many automotive companies must have gone through the creative phase. With the creativity, they launched four-wheeled vehicles with the unique and weirdest design. Here it is!

– Alien’s Car Ferrari Pininfarina
Who doesn’t know this Italian manufacturer? Ferrari has produced many cool cars, but there is one exception. It is the alien’s car series. Some people said that Ferrari Pininfarina is the worst record throughout the history of a “prancing horse” manufacturer. How come? This car looks very unusual and looks like an alien vehicle.

Although people said that the speed of this car is the best one, they think the shape is too aerodynamic. It can cause Ferrari Pininfarina to get scorns by many people and their fans. Even though people scorned this car; when you look closely into it; you can see that Paolo Martin has made it with a unique and futuristic design.

– Electric Dream Car 123
Long ago, there was an introduction to the concept of an electric car. Invented car has a name that is Dream Car 123. In its time, this car’s electric technology was very cool. Unfortunately, it is not suitable with the shape that seems careless. People said that this car is quietly weird because of its pyramid shape.

In the form of a pyramid, riding a Dream Car 123 look like driving a pyramid. The worst, the shape of this car is similar to the absurd alien planes in various 1960s sci-fi films. Some people think that this car is the best parade car but not for daily use.

– Weird Sedan Dodge Deora Car
Just like Ferrari, Dodge also made a unique mistake by making a strange car design. This American manufacturer is well-known for its line of bulky yet handsome sedans. Then, what happened if the realization of that idea is in a pick-up? Dodge Deora is the result. Instead of looking handsome, this 1967 car was super weird.

Whether they are stuck with an idea or just for fun, those weird cars above get consideration became the worst record in the automotive world. Even so, don’t be in a rush to underestimate. It might have an absurd shape, but people don’t know that this line of cars might provide the creative inspiration for current car releases.