What is Le Mans and Why Should We Care?

What is Le Mans and Why Should We Care?

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What is Le Mans and Why Should We Care? – When it comes to racing, we usually see that competition aims to find who is the fastest. However, unlike this type of race, Le Mans focuses more on the endurance part. Wait, why is that important?
• What is Le Mans?
As we mentioned earlier, Le Mans is a type of race that tests endurance rather than speed of a car. Although speed-based races such as the Grand Prix are more famous, Le Mans is actually the oldest (first founded in 1923) and the most prestigious car race in existence today.

The event itself is organized by the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (or ACO for short) and is traditionally held on the Circuit de la Sarthe. This circuit combines racing tracks and public roads to test the endurance of racers and cars.

The main goal of Le Mans is to see which car has the best durability and speed control by turning it on the circuit for 24 hours without mechanical damage. This is a prestigious event for car brands, as is the event on the prestigious for online gambling players.

• Why Is It Relevant?
If it is called the ‘most prestigious race’, why is it irrelevant? Of course, Le Mans isn’t called “The Grand Prix for Endurance” for nothing! Just like the Grand Prix, the races are also followed by well-known companies. However, instead of two, each car was usually accompanied by three racers who changed every few hours in the race. Due to very long races and large venues, the Le Mans riders are always excited especially at the venues they are held. Today, the circuit includes locations such as Daytona, Spa-Francorchamps, Bathurst and Nürburgring.

• How Much Influence?
Le Mans may not be very popular with the general public, but it is undoubtedly a favorite of race-maniacs and bettors. After all, it’s very popular to have different versions and parodies. First, Asia has its own Le Mans races using similar regulations. There are also variations with motorbikes (using the Circuit de la Sarthe, a Bugatti version but abbreviated), truck racing (24 Heures Camions), and kart racing (24 Heures Karting). There is also a parody race called the 24 Hours of LeMons.
Since Le Mans focuses more on endurance, expect the race to not be finished in two to three hours. In fact, Le Mans races are usually held for 24 hours using domestic routes. So it’s more like a marathon than racing with cars.